December 2, 2022

Guitars come in literally hundreds of various varieties. For ease of understanding however, there are two main types: acoustic and electric. The type of guitar a musician chooses depends on the style of music he or she wishes to play. Whether an individual decides to learn to play on an acoustic or electric does not really matter as it is up to them. However, it is advisable to begin with the acoustic steel string guitar as it strengthens the fingers. This article looks the different types of guitars.

Acoustic Guitars

There are three types of acoustic guitars: nylon-stringed acoustics, steel-stringed acoustics and electro-acoustics. Anyone planning to play a classical guitar will find that most classical music is composed for a nylon-stringed acoustic guitar. The main difference between this type and other acoustic guitars is the neck width. A classical acoustics’ neck is wider when compared to other guitar family members.

A steel-stringed acoustic guitar can be played across the widest imaginable variety of music. It is a great way for a musician to begin their musical journey. The sound produced from its steel strings is usually louder when compared to that of nylon strings. This makes it a favourite for musicians who just want to get on their feet to play it and sing when they feel like.

Electro-acoustics are a combination of the electric guitar and the acoustic. Often, an electro-acoustic guitar is similar to a steel-stringed acoustic, the only difference being that it can be connected with an amplifier. It is fitted with an electronic device known as a pickup capable of capturing the strings’ vibrations, allowing its sound to be amplified.

Electric Guitar

Any guitarist will remember the first time they played an electric guitar as it is definitely an awesome experience. Most beginner players cannot wait to lay their hands on one. There are two main ways in which electric guitars differ from other types. For one, they are solid body, meaning that their bodies are made up of solid wood. Secondly, they must be electronically amplified for their sound to be heard. This is achieved through using an amplifier that is connected to the guitar using a guitar lead. Basically, a lead is a long wire fitted with a jack plug on either end.

Owning an electric guitar can be quite an expensive affair. While the guitar itself can be bought second-hand at a reasonable price, there are many other components to purchase. The basics are a lead and an amplifier, but the lost of components to be bought are almost endless.