February 23, 2024

Christmas is the season of love. For most people, Christmas is the favorite time of the year because at this time, many people enjoy a well-deserved vacation. They eat well, sleep well, exchange gifts and generally relate better with their neighbors. Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the most exciting activities that go with this festive period. Below is a list of Christmas tree ideas and how to decorate your trees.

The Fraser Fir
This tree is noted for its pleasant scent and yellow-green branches. The Fraser Fir has a conical shape and branches that spiral upward. This tree is extra sturdy so you can hang all your Christmas decorations on it without any fear.

The Scotch Pine
This is the national tree of Scotland and it is an excellent choice for most people. This tree has dark green foliage and sturdy branches. It is just right for your Christmas lights and other colorful decorations.

The Blue Spruce
The blue spruce is the state tree of Colorado. This wonderful plant has the perfect Christmas tree shape. Its grayish blue color makes it a smart choice for people who want a departure from the traditional green color. Use the Colorado blue spruce and your home will come alive at Christmas time.

The Arizona Cypress
This tree does not have a powerful fragrance but it has an amazing shape and a dramatic bluish-gray color. Its branches grow in a conical shape and the tree can grow to an impressive 60 feet.

The Red Cedar
This tree has an arresting fragrance and it is very popular in the American states of Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma. This tree is also called the Eastern red cedar or the aromatic cedar. The leaves have a shiny green color and the tree has a classic pyramid-like shape.

Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Now, we have covered all the popular Christmas tree options out there. It is time to talk about decorating your trees and making them stand out from the crowd. You do not have to stick to the tried and tested methods. Put on your creative hat and try out some of the outlandish decorations below.

Colorful Florals
You can use an amazing array of colors to give your Christmas tree the perfect effect. Now, you should not impose any limit on your color combination here. Go all out, decorate your tree with bright red, royal purple, and bold blue colors. While you are at it, you should add sunset yellow, pink, orange, green and brown. Have all the colors of the rainbow and more represented and your Christmas tree will be happy.

Classic Green and Red
This is the all time favorite for most people. Just place bright red decorations on the deep green Christmas tree and you will create the perfect effect.

Classic Christmas Lights
You can keep it simply and use your Christmas lights to decorate your home. Connect a network of Christmas lights to the tree and apply a bit of creativity to the process. Use blinking lights in different colors and you will achieve a startling effect.

Buy from Reliable Sources
You might have all the right ideas on the planet, but you need to buy your Christmas trees and decorations from a top quality supplier. Go online and search for reputable stores or ask people you trust to recommend some of the best offline suppliers of these products. Buy excellent quality products, decorate your home the right way and you will enjoy a merry Christmas.